improving learning and life outcomes for kids



Thanks for stopping by. Whether you’re a school, organisation or club, we have a platform that lets you set yourself up as an issuer of digital badges for your students, visitors or members.

Like you, we’re about improving learning and life outcomes for kids. We want to create a common language and set of building blocks so that the whole village can participate in the education of the next generation. Because education doesn’t just happen in the classroom or at school: we all have a part to play.

The technology we need to do this is here: digital badges are a flexible and portable way to recognise achievement, membership or currency.

Who can issue badges?


Schools: you can issue badges for learning but also for everything that happens outside the classroom. Leadership roles, involvement in team sports, choir or cultural groups, certificates for achievement - even birthdays can be acknowledged using a digital badge.


Organisations: underpin your existing programmes and activities with a badge! You can choose to make them searchable through our Kids portal (; the collectible nature of digital badges (kind of like an electronic sticker chart) will keep them coming back seeking new experiences.


Clubs: whether it’s sports, service, or other interests, kids can be awarded a digital badge as they progress through the levels at your club. Committing to regular activity outside of school is an important way to develop new skills and explore interests.

It’s easy to get started!

There are 3 easy steps to get up and running with digital badges:


1.Become an Issuer

2.Create badges

3.Award badges to kids