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Badge issuers

DigitalBadgeED provides a platform to make it easy for schools, organisations or clubs to establish themselves as an issuer, create badges, and manage assertions (award badges) for kids. It's the perfect way for the public and private sector to work together using a common language and set of building blocks. Come join us!

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An issuer is a school, organisation or club that issues (open) badges to it’s user community.

DigitalBadgeED allows your organisation to create your programmes and activities as digital badges. This means that in addition to physical tokens such as certificates or medals, kids can create a digital record of their participation or achievement through their portfolio.


How do I get started?

Schools, register now and we’ll credit the subscription for 2019, which gives you plenty of time to try digital badges and see how they can best be used in your environment.

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If you’re a business, organisation or club, we can help you issue badges too. Kids will be able to create a account so that they can collect, view and share your badges. Contact us for more information.

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