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What if ... New Zealand led the world in the uptake of digital credentials?

Why should New Zealand care?

We created the pavlova and the pineapple lump. We pioneered EFTPOS. Sometimes our size lends itself perfectly to being first. 

Digital badges (also known as micro or digital credentials) are a flexible and portable way to recognise knowledge which might not be represented by formal qualifications. Continuous learning is pursued in lots of different ways, be it personal networks, online learning or through short courses. Through an established global open standard created by Mozilla in 2011, digital badges are redefining the way we recognise and communicate our learning and accomplishments.

We have a badging platform that allows you to establish your organisation as an issuer, and then create or manage micro-credentials for your staff or clients. Your badges will be based on the open badges standard. This means that (once awarded) they can be viewed on our platform, or another (such as the Mozilla backpack). These micro-credentials can also be shared through social media (for example, LinkedIn), or on a website or personal blog. 

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Collaborative by nature, maker spaces are a great way to bring people together for the purpose of making, learning, exploring and sharing. Micro credentials can be used to reflect achievement, but can also facilitate the movement of people between maker spaces.


Your workforce is your biggest asset, and one you are keen to keep investing in through their learning and development. They'll appreciate that you not only encourage their pursuit of knowledge and increased capability, but also commit to ensuring that this is expressed as a recognised credential. 


Offsite Training

Short courses are perfect for micro-credentialing because they reflect a commitment to continuous learning and staying current. Providers might consider issuing a portable (and easily shared) digital badge, far more useful than a paper certificate!

Industry Networking Events

Any networking event that brings people together is a great opportunity for upskilling and learning new things, whether it's a Startup weekend, Hackathon, or more formal industry association event. Digital badges are a great take home for your delegates or participants, further promoting your event and brand. 


Teacher Professional Learning

Through our discussions with schools and teachers about our Education offering, we've discovered that there is great potential to use badges to support teacher professional learning and development.


There's all kinds of government licensing and registration that would lend itself to digital badges, used here to convey currency.