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Getting Out of the House

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Our focus has been on the use of digital badges for primary school aged kids, but the platform will support micro-credentials at any age. We’ve had a fair bit of interest from educators in secondary schools – apparently 17 year olds are as motivated by stickers as their younger siblings!

With my oldest child now moving into secondary education, I can see that the opportunities for digital badges are boundless. Sure there’s academic achievement - and micro-credentials here are a given - but to be honest we’re waiting for the qualifications authorities to catch up. The most obvious use case is extra-curricular activities, both inside school and then moving out to the community: arts and culture, sports, music and importantly – service.

Balance this with a growing concern about the excessive use of devices. It’s not just parents – teachers are going out of their way to stress that restrictions must be applied. They are calling out addiction. There’s a very real fear that the future health and happiness of our young people will be compromised. It’s not just physical (poor posture and lack of exercise); it’s the reduced social and shared experience, a disconnect from nature, an inability to develop as a whole person.

So how do you get them outside?!

We know that there’s a hit associated with online shares and likes. We know that collecting things makes people go to crazy lengths (think Pokemon!) So here’s the big what-if: what if the earning of a badge creates sufficient motivation to change the behaviour of your young person? I’ll betcha it does!

Not only are we motivating them to meet new people and try new things (there are bankable soft skills here), but amongst those new activities might be hard skills and lifelong interests. Not just motivation, digital badges are a flexible and portable way to recognise achievement, membership or currency.

Our platform is ready and able to support your school or community organisation – let’s make it happen!