Award Badges


Award badges

An awarded badge is a digital image that kids own and that they can access and share online through Over time we believe badges can become a real currency for kids: they're collectable, they're meaningful, and we can use them to unlock a whole lot of fun! Best of all, we’ll be helping our kids to experience new things and find a healthy balance between online and real world fun.

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An awarded badge is also known as an assertion. It draws together metadata which identifies the issuing school or organisation, what the badge represents, and information about who earned the badge and when it was earned.


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Kete is a Māori word meaning basket or kit, so we are literally providing kids with a way to collect and store the digital badges they earn from various providers via the DigitalBadgeED platform.

Māori legend tells the story of Tāne– god of the forests – who travelled to the twelfth heaven to request kete o te wānanga, the three baskets of knowledge (te kete tuauri,  te kete tuatea and te kete aronui).

There are lots of different types of knowledge and the future world of work requires all of them! Being curious, increasing our experiences, developing grit and determination ... not just functional skills, but people and collaboration skills, and knowing who you are and where you came from.

We have some videos which tell you a bit more about how digital badges can be used and how it all comes together at -

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